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For a limited time, Roland Cloud is offering a ZENOLOGY Pro bundle as a single Lifetime Key purchase. Analog Icons includes ZENOLOGY Pro and four iconic ZEN-Core Model Expansions! As a bonus, this collection includes one free year of Ultimate Membership for new subscribers, giving access to everything in Roland Cloud. 


Lifetime Key Prices  
ZENOLOGY Pro $229  
JX-8P Model Expansion $149  
JUNO-106 Model Expansion $149  
JUPITER 8 Model Expansion $149  
SH-101 Model Expansion $149  
Total $825  

New customers receive one year of Roland Cloud Ultimate Membership for FREE ($199 value)  

Analog Icon Lifetime Key Collection $499  

What's Included:

Roland's timeless innovation in one Software Synthesizer 

Get Roland’s storied sonic history in one deep and powerful software synthesizer. Quickly access thousands of ready-to-go patches including classic analog, vintage digital, and modern hybrid tones. Tweak sounds to fit your mix or design from scratch with ZENOLOGY Pro’s deep editing tools. ZENOLOGY sounds can be shared and exchanged with compatible ZEN-Core hardware instruments or the mobile-friendly ZC1 software synthesizer. And if you want the magic of legendary Roland classics, expand ZENOLOGY Pro with Model Expansions, featuring the JX-8P, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8 and SH-101.    

ZEN-Core Model Expansions  


JX-8P Model Expansion 
Advanced Analog from the Dawn of the Digital Age 

Launched in 1985, the innovative JX-8P took analog a step further with capabilities that could generate tones associated with digital synthesizers, making it highly versatile. With the JX-8P Model Expansion, we reintroduce the unique voice of this sought-after classic for the first time ever. The hands-on editing functions of the companion PG-800 programmer are also included, thoughtfully integrated into the user interface. 


JUPITER-8 Model Expansion 
The King of Polysynths 

Released in 1981, the JUPITER-8 is one of the most revered polysynths of all time. Its lush, complex sound is on more hit songs than you can count, and its massive analog voice is simply unmatched when it comes to warm pads, strings, and lead tones. With the JUPITER-8 Model Expansion, the authentic sound of this vintage icon is now available for your DAW and compatible ZEN-Core hardware. 


JUNO-106 Model Expansion 
Essential ‘80s Synthesizer 

Introduced in 1984 as an affordable polysynth for the masses, the JUNO-106 has risen from humble beginnings to become a favorite of synth lovers everywhere. It delivers gut-punching basses, delicate plucked sounds, and shimmering pads that sit perfectly in a mix, and its built-in chorus is the stuff of legend. With the JUNO-106 Model Expansion, the authentic sound of this essential ‘80s classic is now available for your DAW and compatible ZEN-Core hardware. 


SH-101 Model Expansion 
A Monophonic Synth Legend, Reborn as a Modern Polysynth 

Since its release in 1982, the small but mighty SH-101 has been a key ingredient in shaping electronic music. Originally marketed to beginners, it soon found favor with serious players thanks to its straightforward interface and head-turning sounds. With the SH-101 Model Expansion, the monophonic SH-101 is reborn as a polysynth, bringing new and exciting possibilities. 

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