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Zenbeats 3.1.7 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements. Update Zenbeats as soon as possible to optimize your experience.

Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create music. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.


3.1.7 Release Notes:
  • Updated: Google Play Billing Library (Android only)
  • Updated: Target and permission support for Android 13+ (Android only)
  • Fixed: A case that would cause Zenbeats to hang on startup (macOS)
  • Fixed: Restored Change and Delete options to Instrument Tracks nested in Group Tracks. (all platforms)
  • Fixed: Potential crash when displaying effects from Drum subtracks (all platforms)
  • Fixed: Issue with Store Pack updates. (all platforms)
  • Fixed: Display overlap issues with iPhone 15 (iOS only)
  • Fixed: Sample Recording Countdown display size on iOS (iOS only)