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Zenbeats 3.1.6 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements. Update Zenbeats as soon as possible to optimize your experience.

Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create music. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.


3.1.6 Release Notes:
  1. Improvement: Store will auto download complete bundles on purchase

  2. Improvement: Fixed sorting issue with plugin browser developer filters

  3. Improvement: When auditioning loops or sounds in a browser, we've put in checks to stop preview playback when toggling the favorites filter.

  4. Improvement: ZR1 now displays max recording timer in the Drum Editor and on the pads.

  5. Bug Fix: Fixed a crash when starting a new song while recording audio.

  6. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with erasing existing pattern data when calling up the  pattern browser from pattern pop-up menu

  7. Bug Fix: Hide Track Freeze button on sub-tracks

  8. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with audio file recording length in LoopBuilder

  9. Bug Fix: Fixed GUI issue in the Automation dropdown menu

  10. Bug Fix: Prevent Automation editor from being displayed on the incorrect track.

  11. Bug Fix: Prevent possible crash when searching or filtering on the Open Song page.

  12. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with automation editor getting stuck open

  13. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with missing record icon on loopbuilder patterns

  14. Bug Fix: Fixed issue with MIDI editor opening out of bounds

  15. Bug Fix: Fixed crash when accessing the drum sub track

  16. Bug Fix: Fixed "Record Inside Region" mode

  17. Bug Fix: Fixed potential lockup when rendering stems

  18. Bug Fix: Fixed issue recalling audio clip pitch and pan settings on long audio files