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Zenbeats 3.1.1 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements. Please update Zenbeats as soon as possible to optimize your experience.

Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create songs. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.


3.1.1 Release Notes:
  • Bug Fix: Added preventions for potential Sidechain routing issues
  • New: Pre-Signal chain Sidechain option
  • New: Bounce Track feature to quickly create an audio copy of an entire track
  • Bug Fix: Fixed some Zenbeats SC-Pump, SC-Envelope GUI issues
  • Bug Fix: Zenbeats SC-Pump and SC-Envelope now have smoother playback when looping
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Zenbeats SC-Comp release time
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash issue on resume for some iOS devices
  • Bug Fix: Fixed several stem rendering issues with sidechain routing
  • Bug Fix: Only render stems of Drum Subtracks that contain MIDI notes
  • Bug Fix: Prevent conditional ducking of loops on TimelineView
  • Bug Fix: Fixed size of stop button on group track clips
  • Bug Fix: Removed empty space in Sidechain Output menu
  • Bug Fix: Numerous AUv3 Plugin UI display issues