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Zenbeats 3.0.7 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements. Please update Zenbeats as soon as possible to optimize your experience.

Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create songs. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.

Release Notes:
  • Improvement: Major Android audio performance improvements
  • Improvement: PreRoll Recording Improvements
  • Improvement: Touch and Hold in Timeline View and MIDI Editor to perform quick lasso selection
  • Improvement: Pattern envelope and editing improvements
  • Bug Fix: Fixed several Freeze/Unfreeze
  • Bug Fix: MV-1 Mixer scroll bug
  • Bug Fix: MV-1 Last track visibility issue
  • Improvement: ZR1 Auto crop improvements
  • Improvement: MIDI Editor note moving improvements
  • Improvement: Added Play Button Group Track Main Track in LoopBuilder
  • Improvement: Added Touch and Multi-Select tool mode in Timeline View
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with MIDI Clock Output
  • Bug Fix: Potential crash in song unloading
  • Bug Fix: Potential issue loading old songs if quickload
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Main track not being visible on some songs
  • Bug Fix: Backwards compatibility loading certain songs
  • Improvement: Speedup loading larger songs
  • Improvement: GUI speedup
  • Bug Fix: Compatibility issues with mono AUV3 plugins
  • Improvement: Faster loading of AUV3 plugins with large preset libraries
  • Bug Fix: Issue with automating AUV3 parameters with MIDI controllers
  • Bug Fix: AUV3 issue causing parameters to reset after editing
  • Bug Fix: Android: fixed glitchy playback when resuming Zenbeats from sleep
  • Improvement: Speed improvements on loading songs with tons of audio edits
  • Improvement: Better handling of AUV3 plugins with internal presets
  • Improvement: Smooth timeline pattern editing during playback