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Zenbeats 3.0.5 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements such as improved Android functionality, workflow optimizations, bug fixes, and more. Additionally, we’ve heard your feedback, and the Roland Zenbeats dev team has made a ton of under the hood improvements to keep you in your creative flow. 

Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create songs. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.

Release Notes:
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential crash when opening Zenbeats from a notification (Android)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential crash after recording a drum sample
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential crash if images assets are missing
  • Bug Fix: Fixed potential crash in purchase dialogs
  • Improvement: Numerous optimizations in Timeline View
  • Improvement: ZR1 performance optimizations
  • Improvement: Fixed several thread priority issues
  • Improvement: Android OBOE updates/audio thread tweaks
  • Bug Fix: Several potential Android crashes
  • Improvement: Locale display updates
  • Improvement: Plugin Window now shows MIDI learn options
  • Improvement: Restore double tap behavior on Drum Sound Headers to display Graph Automation
  • Improvement: Hide Favorite button when displaying 3rd party plugin presets
  • Bug Fux: Fixed MIDI import issues in LoopBuilder
  • Improvement: Restored Multi-Select tool behavior in MIDI Editor
  • Improvement: Added MIDI Tool selector in Drum Sequencer Note Edit mode
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue when opening the drum sample editor from the OSI/Pad view
  • Improvement: Timeline play cursor scrolling optimizations
  • Improvement: Disable Follow Play Cursor if the user tried to edit a pattern during playback
  • Improvement: Automation Editing cleanup
  • Bug Fix: Correctly enable +12/-12 buttons on Note Inspector
  • Improvement: Double tap on Group tracks to show and hide sub tracks
  • Improvement: Implemented Touch and hold to Lasso notes in the MIDI editor
  • Bug Fix: Prevent ghosting GUI in MIDI editor
  • Improvement: Smoother touch/drag editing
  • Improvement: Metronome Pre-roll now displays a countdown on the record button
  • Bug Fix: Prevent potential thread crash during track freezing
  • Bug Fix: Fixed alternating track color bug in LoopBuilder
  • Improvement: Mixer VU performance improvements
  • Improvement: Always show Undo and Redo on top bar
  • Improvement Inform users if search or Favorite filtering returns 0 results
  • Improvement: Browser genre label cleanup
  • Improvement: Drum Editor Top Bar display logic
  • Bug Fix: Fixed GUI glitch during timeline recording