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Z-Style Packs are performance-ready styles tuned for the advanced auto-accompaniment tools and ZEN-Core sound engine in supported Roland keyboards. Crafted by top producers and arrangers, each Z-Style Pack focuses on a specific music genre and can be used by players of all skill levels.

STZ012 Musical Mosaic

Please every crowd with Musical Mosaic, a premium style collection for select Roland keyboards with auto-accompaniment features. This Z-Style Pack provides a wide-ranging toolbox of full-band styles for performing popular music across multiple eras and genres. Coupled with the diverse ZEN-Core sound engine, these versatile styles also offer solid foundations for composing and performing your own music.

  • Compatible with select Roland auto-accompaniment keyboards
  • Five premium auto-accompaniment styles tuned for the powerful ZEN-Core sound engine
  • Adaptable ensemble styles for performing and composing a range of music types, from driving rock to emotional ballads
  • Available as a free download in Roland Cloud Manager

Download Musical Mosaic today—available for free with a Roland Account and Roland Cloud Manager.