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Immerse your music in the iconic character of a German concert grand with this powerful expansion for the RD-2000 Stage Piano. Roland’s advanced V-Piano modeling technology brings this premier instrument to life under your fingers, delivering nuanced playability and deep personalization options that extend far beyond any sample-based collection. 
  • V-Piano expansion based on a German concert grand piano 

  • Includes 17 ready-to-play patches for solo and ensemble performance 

  • Customize the sound to your taste with deep V-Piano parameters  

  • Compatible with the RD-2000 Stage Piano (RD-2000 Version 2.0 or later required) 

A Majestic Grand Piano Voice  

The German concert grand is considered by many pianists to be the finest acoustic piano ever made. Leveraging new enhancements to the V-Piano engine, our German Concert expansion presents the legendary character of this majestic instrument from the audience perspective in a world-class concert hall.  


Maximum Versatility 

Complementing the pre-loaded V-Piano instrument in the RD-2000, the German Concert expansion brings you a versatile voice for any playing style. Evolved modeling features offer new tonal possibilities that are highlighted with 17 ready-to-play patches. For solo work, the sound is organic and ultra-responsive, with rich harmonic overtones and unpredictable colors that inspire you to get lost in the music. And for ensemble playing, this expansion delivers the muscle and presence you need to cut through dense band mixes on stage.          

Unlimited Expression with Roland V-Piano Modeling  

Roland’s V-Piano technology launches the digital piano into the future, bringing you a premium musical experience born of decades of ongoing development. Our proprietary modeling approach realizes the complex sound and interactive feel of an acoustic piano down to the finest details, backed by a powerful and efficient DSP engine that eliminates the tonal limitations, memory issues, and polyphony roadblocks of purely sample-based systems. Every note is incredibly rich, natural, and responsive, while full-keyboard polyphony lets you play and create without compromise.  


Craft Your Perfect Piano Voice 

The tonal character of a sample-based piano is baked in, limiting the options to adjust the sound for your personal needs. In contrast, V-Piano modeling technology puts you in complete control, providing full access to deep sound-shaping tools at the instrument’s core. Adjust tone color, string and damper resonance, hammer noise, duplex scaling, and much more with intuitive controls. Customize the parameters to dial in your perfect piano voice—or go further and craft instruments never heard before.  


Download the German Concert V-Piano Expansion today—available with a Lifetime Key purchase