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As part of our efforts to refine our products and enhance your creative experience, Roland Cloud is pleased to announce the latest updates to both Roland Cloud Manager and Concerto. New RCM features focus on improved stability and general performance enhancements 

In support of our new release Drum Studio - Acoustic One, Concerto will reveal new functionality. Drums Studio is the first of Roland Cloud's “Instrument Collections." This means each individual drum is a separate “Sub-Instrument” with its own set of controls and audio pipeline. To that end, snare, kick, toms, etc each has its own:
  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Mute/Solo
  • Pitch
  • Decay time
  • Reverb controls
  • Compression controls
  • Key sensitivity
  • Output bus designation
Additionally, outputs other than the main out will bypass the main instrument’s FX and retain their own reverb and compression functions.

As with all Roland Cloud updates, this release was driven by input from you, the Roland Cloud Community. As musicians evolve, we'll be there to provide relevant releases. Have a suggestion for new effects, functionality in Roland Cloud Manager, or an instrument you'd like to see? Let us know!