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Representing the apex of the Roland TR line, the TR-8S and TR-6S are the most complete drum machines to date—forward-thinking, performance-tuned instruments unlike any other. The free TR-EDITOR significantly enhances the workflow of these hands-on machines, providing an easy-to-use graphical interface with expanded visual controls and organizational tools that further amplify the TR’s creative possibilities.
Standalone graphical editor and librarian for the TR-8S and TR-6S
Available for macOS and Windows
Librarian function for managing patterns and kits
Onscreen motion editing
Undo and redo for quick revisions
Rename patches, kits, and projects quickly from your computer keyboard
FX tab for accessing all INST and MFX parameters


Hardware Meets Software
Enhance your TR workflow with a fluid onscreen editor that eliminates the need for menu diving and page scrolling on the hardware. Access a wide range of parameters and controls across five easy-access tabs and organize all your sounds via the breakout librarian window.

TR Sound Designer
TR-EDITOR helps you nimbly design your signature kits and sounds via an intuitive graphical interface. Draw parameter motion data with a quick flourish for instant results, access KIT and INST parameters on a single screen for swift adjustments, and tweak complete FX parameters that are automatically set to your FX selection. Don’t like what you did? TR-EDITOR has you covered with both undo and redo for quick revisions and comparing ideas.

Get Organized
TR-EDITOR’s librarian window assists with organizing and managing patterns and kits. Access the complete TR library at once and quickly filter various instrument categories and sound engine types to customize your sound. You can also rename hardware patches, kits, and projects quickly and easily using your computer keyboard.

More Sounds with TR-8S Kits and Patterns Vol.1

TR-8S Kits and Patterns Vol. 1 is a collection of 30 genre-based drum kits and patterns from leading artists and sound designers perfect for jamming out, starting song ideas, and familiarizing with the TR-8S sounds, feature set, and workflow. Includes material from The Martinez Brothers, Kink, Solidtrax, and more.

Download TR-EDITOR for free today through Roland Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland Cloud content. Roland Cloud Manager is also the home of Sample Packs, AIRA and artist projects, and other premium content for taking the TR experience to the next level.