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Hear a fresh take on classic percussion sounds with TR-707 Proto707, an inspiring collection for Roland’s ACB recreation of the TR-707 Rhythm Composer.


Drawing inspiration from darkwave, synth-pop, and retro video game soundtracks, sound designer Protovolt has created an array of bewitching backbeats with the TR-707 plug-in and its advanced circuit modeling. Use the high-energy rhythms and unique percussive tones to elevate your compositions with one-of-a-kind drum tracks.

  • Patch collection for the TR-7074 Software Rhythm Composer 
  • 32 kits and patterns crafted by sound designer Protovolt
  • Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships
  • Also available with a Lifetime Key purchase
Download TR-707 Proto707 today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.