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Vintage digital perfection. 

For a limited time, buy a Lifetime Key for the D-50 Software Synth and get six patch collections for free with our Total D-50 special offer. That’s a USD 269 value for only USD 149! Access over 380 additional presets crafted by top sound designers and artists, including Don Solaris and INHALT. Plus, get free updates and new features for life—no paid membership required. Act fast! This offer ends soon.

The only authentic D-50.

The D-50 was Roland’s first fully digital synthesizer, and its unique sound combined subtractive synthesis with harmonically complex sampled waveforms and digital effects. The plug-in version of the D-50 is the only authentic software reproduction of the Roland hardware unit. It includes the same sampled waveform set, and our Digital Circuit Behavior modeling technology captures every nuance of the original, right down to the archetypal “overtone noise” that lends this synth its rich character. Plus, we’ve added new and exciting features like extra waveforms, tempo-syncing LFO, and a virtual PG-1000 controller, allowing you to customize preset sounds and build unique voices from scratch.

New sounds. New possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for evolving pads, complex bells, or unique sonic mutations, the D-50 has you covered. Use hundreds of new presets crafted by vested sound designers. From new wave to new age and beyond, this treasure trove of tones will push your compositions to the next level.

Buy our Total D-50 collection today! 

Get everything the D-50 has to offer for the low price of USD $149. Here’s how to purchase:
  • Download the D-50 Software Synthesizer from Roland Cloud Manager under the Software Instruments tab 

  • Open and close the D-50 in your DAW to initialize the plug-in  

  • Internet high-five! Now download any patch collection from the D-50 tab in Roland Cloud Manager to inject fresh sounds into your D-50 plug-in