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Released in 1994, the JV-1080 was an instant success. With 64 notes of Polyphony, 16-part Multi-Timbral. 3 pairs of analog outputs, over 700 presets, and killer built in effects the JV-1080 helped build the sound of the nineties and remains a modern classic. Notable users include Hans Zimmer, Master P, Vince Clark, and more.

Our ACB recreation of the original comes with double the polyphony, two additional time-variant low-pass filters, a step LFO, and enhanced Matrix Control Function for even more flexible sound design.
These three JV-1080 patch collections, crafted by top sound designers, push the envelope of the JV-1080’s virtuosic potential.

JV-1080 Signature Sound Set: Don Solaris

 JV-1080 Signature Sound Set: Don Solaris features 32 new presets for Roland’s DCB recreation of the JV-1080. Expertly crafted by the noted sound designer, this versatile collection shows off the JV-1080’s immense range.


For this collection, sound designer Don Solaris drew on his deep experience with the original JV-1080 hardware module to create everything from booming bass sounds to hauntingly beautiful pads. “As a kid, I programmed the JV-1080 day and night—you couldn’t take me away from this synth,” Don says. “The new JV-1080 plug-in made me glued to the chair again. The new features and sound quality really inspired me!”

From the mystical beauty of “Magic Pad” to the fat “Deep SQR,” these patches will flavor your compositions with fresh sounds from a tried-and-true favorite.

JV-1080: Cinematic Cyberpunk

Boot up and jack in with JV-1080: Cinematic Cyberpunk—a patch collection to cybernetically enhance your tracks. Developed by Romanian sound designers Dual Shaman, this futuristic patch collection features 32 presets for Roland’s DCB recreation of the JV-1080.
Filled with heady pads, menacing leads, and dystopic pulses, JV-1080: Cinematic Cyberpunk pays homage to the futuristic world of science fiction. Influenced by films like Bladerunner and Akira, the sibling sound design team of Dual Shaman have engineered vast digital landscapes with the JV-1080’s deep sound-sculpting capabilities.

JV-1080: Widescreen Ambient
Get the big picture with JV-1080: Widescreen Ambient by top sound designer J. Scott G., a blockbuster patch collection for Roland’s DCB recreation of the JV-1080.

JV-1080: Widescreen Ambient will elevate your tracks with some serious space and dimension. Expertly crafted by veteran sound designer J. Scott G., every patch in this collection is downright huge.  

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