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Craig Blundell is a pioneer and role model in hybrid drumming, widely acclaimed for his skillful fusion of modern electronic and traditional acoustic sounds throughout his long career. He’s toured with iconic artists such as Steven Wilson and Steve Hackett and is well known for his inspiring and educational drum clinics around the globe. Millions of people hear his recording and programming work every day, from radio jingles and TV themes to music tracks on rock and progressive rock playlists.

Craig has been part of the Roland V-Drums family since the early 2000s and is a regular contributor to the V-Drums design and development team in Japan. He’s been involved with over 15 products and was one of the key consultants for the latest V-Drums instruments, including the TD-50X module and associated kits.

With this special TD-50X artist pack, you can load five of Craig's fired-up custom kits into your TD-50X module, including his go-to kit for TD-50X clinic performances. Each kit in the collection delivers extra bite and punch and features layered kick and snare sounds not included in the standard TD-50X sound library. Find TD-50X Artist Kits 02: Craig Blundell in Roland Cloud Manager under V-Drums in the Hardware section.

Included Kits:


Craig’s go-to TD-50X kit really packs a punch when you want to be heard. This versatile kit is ideal for nearly any style of music, offering full-depth tom sounds, a slamming kick drum, and a snare with maximum bite.

Fat Chop Pop

Perfect for modern groove players, this kit really pops when laying it down. It features a cranked-up snare that proudly sits on top of the mix in any genre.

Jazz Slam

This inspiring jazz kit has it all, combining traditional vintage textures with modern bite and cut. The huge dynamic range lets you cover any jazz-flavored material, from ultra-soft to loud and forward.   

The Detuned

This powerful, low-tuned kit will drive the band on everything from fat shuffles to heavy-duty rock and roll. While most kits lose their energy when detuned, Craig’s custom tweaks ensure that the drum sound always sits right up front with big punch and presence.

Blast DnB

With this kit, Craig fuses electronic and traditional metal tones to create a powerful platform for high-energy drum and bass styles. Featuring clever layering of synthetic textures over acoustic metal sounds, this fat and articulate kit is perfectly tuned for fast-paced drumming.

About the TD-50X Artist Kits

TD-50X Artist Kits supercharge your TD-50X module with the sounds, settings, and experience of top professional drummers. They’re available exclusively through Roland Cloud, the home of an expanding collection of premium V-Drums kits, curated samples, and jam tracks to inspire your music. When you join up for membership, you’ll have access to existing content and a variety of releases the moment they arrive.

Download TD-50X Artist Kits 02: Craig Blundell today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.