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From December 1st to December 15th, test drive the SYSTEM-8 Software Software Synthesizer and our SYSTEM-8 Electronic patch collection for free with a Roland Account! Simply log into Roland Cloud Manager and install the SYSTEM-8 plugin and Electronic patch collection from your library.*

Glitch out with J. Scott G.’s SYSTEM-8 Electronic, an electrifying patch collection for the hardware and software versions of Roland’s SYSTEM-8 synth. 

Sound designer J. Scott G. has done it again with 64 gritty and unpredictable tones that’ll leave your compositions in glitched-out fever dreams. This intense collection features huge leads, haunting pads, and hair-raising sequences, all realized with the unique power of the SYSTEM-8 synthesis engine.  

Download  SYSTEM-8 Electronic today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate  and Pro  memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase. 

*After December 15th your SYSTEM-8 Entitlement will only be available in an Ultimate membership or through a Lifetime Key purchase. "Electronic" will only be available in a Pro or Ultimate membership or with a Lifetime Key Purchase.