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Synthwave Patch Collection

Available within Roland Cloud Manager

256 New Patches

The genre’s mood is a hybrid of the warm summer nights of yesteryear and computerized horizons of tomorrow. Sounds from the future and the past create songs unstuck in time, and synthwave births a universe made of fantasy and imagination.

Roland hardware synths were critical to establishing the sonic reverie of the 1980s. Use our ACB recreations of these revolutionary instruments to saturate your tracks with bold and beautiful temperatures and create a reality all your own.

Download Roland Cloud's Synthwave and explore 64 fresh patches for the
JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-3P, and SYSTEM-8. Listen below for examples of these powerful patches.

JUNO-106 (64 Patches)

JUPITER-8 (64 Patches)

JX-3P (64 Patches)

SYSTEM-8 (64 Patches)

Patches and Patterns

Explore Roland Cloud's collection for more sounds including the rest of Synthwave, our D-50 exploration "Beyond Fantastia," the techno collection, and more to come. To download patches, open Roland Cloud Manager

Patches will automatically appear as new updates in Roland Cloud Manager. To load patches manually, open Roland Cloud Manager, click “Patches” under the PRESET category, and download the ones you choose. These files will be directly loaded into the instrument. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you have loaded the selected instrument at least once into your DAW before installing additional patches.

Available within Roland Cloud Manager