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The trap, the hood clubs — that’s what they like, a real dark 808 type of beat,” Coach K said, referring to the signature kicks and bleeps of the Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Fatboi said that the 808 is central to Atlanta’s versatility. “There’s so many different ways we use it,” he said. “You have your snap music, your crunk music, your trap music, your pop rap.

-The New York Times (Dec, 2009)


From the snap and trap variants of hip hop to prog metal and indie rock, Atlanta is a noted hotbed of musical styles. As evidenced by the quotes above from The New York Times, the ATL maintains a longstanding love affair with Roland's iconic TR-808, even hosting a dedicated 808 Fest this year.

While it would be a Herculean task to touch upon all the innovators who call the city home, our team of mixologists gave it a shot with our Synthlanta! playlist. As Roland Cloud descends upon the Peach State for IMSTA FESTA, we offer a sampling of some of its capital city’s finest musical ambassadors. 


Photos Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons