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Created exclusively for Roland Cloud users, Melodics Essentials is the perfect way to start your learning journey with interactive lessons for drums, keys, and pads. 

Melodics is the new way to learn
Melodics is the app that makes learning your instrument fun and effective. Our interactive series of lessons track your performance and progress, every step of the way, helping you stay motivated as you learn. Are you late, early, or right on the beat? Get live feedback on your timing and precision as you gain confidence in your playing.

Your journey starts here
Melodics Essentials has been customized specifically for Roland Cloud users. It gives you exclusive access to our guided path - a structured learning system suitable for beginners, that slowly ramps up to intermediate and advanced players.

With over 300 lessons in total, keys, drums, and pads each have the own tailored path. Covering music fundamentals such as time signatures, rudiments, intervals - Melodics Essentials covers everything you need to know, step-by-step.