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Released in 2000, the Roland XV-5080 stepped onto the scene, leaving a mighty footprint. Described for years as “Roland's ultimate sound module,” the XV-5080 boasted immense PCM-based multitimbral synthesis power, sophisticated modulation, an array of pro-quality DSP effects, and compatibility with the popular SRX Expansion Board series.

Its fidelity and technological adaptability were unmatched at the time and embraced heavily by composers and producers spanning a wide range of genres, from orchestral soundtracks to techno.

The rackmount Roland XV-5080 was an undisputed hit.



One PCM Synth to Rule Them All


With over 900 presets in its library, Roland Cloud’s XV-5080 facilitates genre-hopping fluidity. From low-end theory to iconic retro game sounds and symphonic masterpieces, this instrument is limited only by the imagination. The categorical search function makes finding the perfect sonic complement to your workflow effortless. 


912 Carefully Crafted Instruments in
One Incredible Synth


The XV-5080 is brimming with nearly every instrument sound imaginable; one of the reasons musicians often used the original in place of slower and less convenient samplers. Guitar, drums, synth leads, koto—you name it. Throw in a smorgasbord of onboard effects, plus the flexible parameters of a virtual platform, and the sky’s the limit.


Hardware Integration


Hardware synthesizers like the Roland SYSTEM-8 can map to these controls, facilitating an easy, tactile workflow. Whether you’re orchestrating rhythmic EDM mania or cavernous boom-bap beats, the Roland XV-5080 provides the tools to achieve that perfect blend.

The patriarch of PCM synths and monarch of the SRX Series libraries opens doors into familiar and uncharted territories.

SRX ELECTRIC PIANO, SRX STRINGS, and SRX BRASS join recent releases like the TB-303, JX-3P, and SRX STUDIO as well as the TR-808, TR-909, JUPITER-8, and JUNO-106 to deepen Roland Cloud’s expanding suite of instruments.