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Download Roland Cloud Manager 2.6

At Roland Cloud, we are always improving our systems and software to make things easier for our users. Roland Cloud Manager 2.6 contains important performance updates and feature enhancements such as Apple silicon compatibility*, improved loading speed and resource usage, auto-fill login, and the new Pro-Access Selector tool. Pro Members may now activate any two Legendary products at any given time. Furthermore, we've heard your feedback, and Roland Cloud is now only in need of authorization every 30 days to keep your musical flow seamless and inspired.
Please see the release notes below for specifics on this update.
Thank you for being a part of the Roland Cloud family. We value every member of our community, and we’ll keep bringing you the tools you need to make music. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact customer service here.

*Apple silicon users will have to uninstall their current version of Roland Cloud Manager (RCM) and install RCM 2.6.

Release Notes:
  • New: Apple silicon edition of RCM
  • New: 30-day authentication window
  • New: RCM now has a landing page which allows the users to log in via local browser or create an account
  • New: Support for the new PRO Selector feature
  • Improved: RCM now launches faster and uses less resources
  • Improved: New synchronization features improve the reliability and integrity of RCM
  • Improved: Fewer files downloaded at launch
  • Fixed: Focus lost on Main Window after a password prompt during installation of an instrument
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances RCM allows activating instruments that can't be activated, displaying the code E024
  • Fixed: Filters are not cleared in the library after traveling from an "Available in your library" link
  • Fixed: "Available in your library" appeared on instruments not available to the user
  • Fixed: The library can become unresponsive after sitting idle for hours
  • Fixed: "Download" button appears disabled when it should not be visible