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The RD-08 Upgrade infuses the streamlined RD-08 Stage Piano with flagship-grade creative power and versatility. Available for purchase in Roland Cloud Manager, this value-packed upgrade enhances the factory features with the SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 expansion, Apple MainStage support, Roland Cloud sound expansion options, additional USB capabilities, and more.
  • Sound and feature upgrade for the RD-08 Stage Piano
  • SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3
  • Apple MainStage integration
  • Support for Wave Expansions on Roland Cloud
  • Support for ZEN-Core Sound Packs on Roland Cloud
  • Multi-channel USB audio interface capabilities

Wave Expansions and ZEN-Core Sound Packs are available with Roland Cloud membership or Lifetime Key purchases in Roland Cloud Manager.

SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3
This newly developed instrument adds another premium concert piano option to the RD-08, complementing the SuperNATURAL acoustic grand and electric piano already included. SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 offers 15 distinctive piano tones and 20 Scenes, from bright, dynamic sounds for live band performances to darker textures for solo work and ambient explorations.
Perform with Soft Synths
The RD-08 Upgrade enables seamless integration with Apple MainStage performance software, providing similar capabilities to the RD-2000 and RD-88 piano models. Freely combine RD sounds with virtual instruments, create zones, remotely control MainStage parameters, and more.

Add Sample-Based Sounds
Wave Expansion support lets you supplement the RD-08’s onboard sound set with sample-based collections on Roland Cloud. Load Wave Expansion titles into two virtual slots* and build all-new sounds with the historic Roland library, from acoustic and electric pianos to synths, orchestral instruments, and beyond.
*Installing the RD-08 Upgrade automatically loads SuperNATURAL Acoustic Piano 3 in the first virtual expansion slot. 
Discover the World of ZEN-Core
The RD-08 comes equipped with over 3000 sounds, driven by the same ZEN-Core sound engine found in flagship Roland synths like FANTOM, JUPITER-X, and the software-based Zenology. The RD-08 Upgrade unlocks support for an ever-expanding selection of patches on Roland Cloud, all custom-crafted by top sound designers for the advanced capabilities of ZEN-Core.
Enhanced USB Features
The RD-08 Upgrade adds multi-channel USB audio interface capabilities for working with music production software on computers and mobile devices. Communicate with MainStage on a laptop while performing. And use the RD-08 as both a MIDI controller and a high-quality audio sound source for your favorite DAW.

Buy the RD-08 Upgrade in Roland Cloud Manager as a Lifetime Key purchase today.