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Much like the instrument itself, PROMARS: Curiosity is full of mystery. This patch collection for Roland Cloud’s recreation of the fabled PROMARS synth pays tribute to the analog powerhouse while nudging its VCOs and LFOs in bold directions. 

Whether you crave fresh sounds or a taste of the unusual, PROMARS: Curiosity is here to scratch your late ‘70s synthesizer itch. Get curious. 

PROMARS: Curiosity takes advantage of the increased range of the PROMARS virtual instrument. Layered tones give way to fizzy atmospherics, often within a single patch. This dynamic collection works for a range of styles, ensuring that no two journeys with PROMARS: Curiosity will be the same. 

Spice up your top end with the bubbles of “1981” or the modulations of “Karhornia.” Then, take advantage of genre-tailored basses like “Italobass” for a Moroder moment or “Teutonik Bass” to capture the mood of a Berlin dance floor. 


Try the PROMARS: Curiosity Collection today with a Roland Cloud Ultimate or Pro membership