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Here's a question we get asked a lot: "Do I really have to be connected to the internet all the time to use Roland Cloud?"
As of this update, our answer is "not anymore."

We're inviting you to go unplugged, and in this case, we're referring to your network cable or WIFI adapter.

With the "Performance Ready" update from Roland Cloud, we’ve drastically increased the time required between sign-ins and gone from “internet always required” to “internet not required for up to a week between sign-ins.”  This means you can take your instruments on the road and get the great sounds of Roland Cloud without fear of your favorite venue, jam space, coffee shop or even airline having spotty or non-existent internet.  We haven't completely removed the need for an active internet connection, but we've made it much easier to take your show on the road.
As Roland Cloud is an online service, you’ll still need to connect to receive updates, patches, and new stuff, but now it’s only required for authentication purposes once a week and only when you choose to.
In addition to lengthening the time required between sign-ins, we’ve literally made several performance enhancements, feature additions and bug fixes to the instruments themselves: 

  • The Windows® versions of Polyphonic ACB based synths (Legendary and AIRA series) have had CPU load improved across the board
  • MIDI-Learn functionality has been added to ACB based synthesizers (Legendary and AIRA series)
  • UI Zoom settings now persist across tracks for ACB based synths (Legendary and AIRA series)
  • The D-50 Linear Synthesizer should now sync when rendering from your DAW
  • Some members reported several VST3 instruments getting blacklisted by Cubase 9.  This should no longer happen.
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes to Concerto based instruments Reverb (Tera, Anthology and FLAVR series) are now live.
To apply and take advantage of this update, simply launch Roland Cloud Manager and accept updates for all instruments.  Easy.