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The most expressive instrument in the world is the one inside us all—the human voice. With Vocal Designer, you can add the warmth and expression of your voice to synthesized sounds, with deep customization to craft unique and memorable tones. Roland has a long history in vocal synthesis, including the famous VP and V-Synth keyboards. The Vocal Designer Model Expansion brings the pinnacle of this technology to the JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm, so you can bring a new voice to your music.

Human-synthesizer hybrid.
With Vocal Designer, you can use your voice to control and modulate all manner of synthesizer sounds. This creates otherworldly textures that blend the expression and organic warmth of your voice (the modulator) with a synthesized tone or instrument sound (the carrier). Vocal Designer has 26 different vocal synthesis algorithms and lets you blend your voice with just about any kind of synthesizer tone you can imagine.
You, robot.
These are the sounds vocoders are best known for. Vocal Designer is bursting with classic vocoder tones that make you sound like a funky robot from the retro future. And who doesn’t want that?

A choir of one.
Don’t have a choir handy? No problem. Vocal Designer can make you sound huge with intelligible choir and ensemble tones that respond to every nuance of your voice.

Custom carrier.
Create entirely new sounds by blending the unique qualities of your voice with fully customizable carrier tones. Any ZEN-Core tone can be used alone or layered with other sounds, offering a staggering number of sonic possibilities.

Not just for voices.
Despite its name, Vocal Designer isn’t just for voices. You can use all kinds of things as a modulator via the analog audio or USB inputs. Try drum machines, guitars, sitars, circuit-bent toys, DAW audio tracks, or anything you can imagine. Get creative and go nuts!