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Celebrate 808 Day all year long with TR-808 Egyptian Lover, a must-have patch collection for Roland’s ACB recreation of the TR-808 drum machine.


Electro and hip-hop pioneer Egyptian Lover comes out swinging with this bombastic collection of TR-808 kits and patterns. Backed by over 40 years of beatmaking wisdom, this indispensable encyclopedia of sound delivers a genre-spanning library of powerful percussion. Use the sharp, powerful kicks and snares to bring urgency to your backbeats, and experiment with tonal bass drums and toms to add depth and dimension.

  • Patch collection for the TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer
  • 32 kits and 32 patterns crafted by musician and producer Egyptian Lover
  • Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships
  • Also available with a Lifetime Key purchase

Download TR-808 Egyptian Lover today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.