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New Sample Packs
Roland Cloud Sample Packs are premium collections of royalty-free WAV files for sample-based music production. Crafted by top sound designers, each Sample Pack focuses on a specific genre and includes a variety of musical phrase loops, drum loops, and one-shot samples to generate ideas and help you build pro tracks fast.

DAW-ready WAV files for sample-based music creation 

Musical phrase loops, drums loops, and one-shot samples 

Files labeled with tempo and key info as needed for fast workflow  

MIDI files of musical phrase loops

Compatible with Roland hardware that supports sample import  

Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships 

 Available with a Lifetime Key purchase 

Sample packs contain ‚Äč24-bit/44.1 kHz and 16-bit/44.1 kHz audio resolutions and are 100% royalty-free with membership or purchase. Sample content cannot be shared or repackaged. 


Less is more with this austere omnibus of electronic samples by the expert sound design team at Mind Flux. Embrace the beauty of minimalism with these haunting synths, tight bass lines, and wide-ranging rhythm loops and one-shots.

Classic Deep House


Soul and jazz meet Chicago house with this rich collection of samples by sound designer Jonny Strinati. Get liquid and add some hypnotic layers to your dance tracks with tonally complex pads, airy FX, classic Roland drum sounds, gentle keys, and more.

Download our new Sample Packs today—available with Roland Cloud Pro and Ultimate memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.