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Zenbeats’ ever-growing collection of new sound packs are added weekly to keep you inspired with authentic Roland Cloud sounds on mobile platforms. Check out these fresh new Sound Packs, available in any Roland Cloud membership or as a one-time purchase, in-app. 

Retro Active Drums

Use criterion Roland drum sounds in a modern way with Retro Active Drums by sound designer Carlos Vasquez. Drawing from a treasure trove of classic Roland instruments, Vasquez transforms familiar sounds like the booming 808 kick and scintillating CR-78 hi-hats into unique permutations for any genre. Retro Active Drums contains 10 kits, 230 one-shots, and 28 patterns.

Blip Chip
Get old school with our Blip Chip Sound Pack for the ZC1, inspired by the one-of-a-kind sounds of early video games. Channel nostalgia and score your own 8-bit adventure or combine with other ZC1 sounds and create a musical journey that’s all your own.