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Zenbeats’ ever-growing collection of new sound packs are added weekly to keep you inspired with authentic Roland Cloud sounds on mobile platforms. Check out these fresh new Sound Packs, available in any Roland Cloud membership or as a one-time purchase, in-app. 

Drums Classics Collection

Get immediate access to the most recognizable percussion tones in contemporary music with the Drums Classics Collection. This all-encompassing bundle includes six of our best-selling sound packs including Roland Classic Drums, Section 909, 707 Designed One-Shots, ‘70s Groovebox Drum Kits, Groovebox Classic Patterns, and Circuit 626 Drum kits. That’s an encyclopedia of game-changing rhythms and kits from Roland legends like the TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, TR-606, CR-78 and much, much more. The Drums Classics Collection contains 54 Drum Kit presets, 197 patterns, and 428 carefully crafted one-shots.

Pop Toolkit
Craft modern tracks with vintage sonics using the Pop Toolkit Sound Pack for ZC1. Featuring boisterous basses, searing pads, and soft keys, these 32 presets are brimming with synth-pop grandeur. Add delicate and persuasive ear candy to your compositions with this characterful collection.