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From September 1st to September 15th, test drive the JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, JX-3P, and SH-2 as well as all of the Brothertiger patch collections for free with a Roland Account! Simply log into Roland Cloud Manager and install the instruments & Brothertiger patch collections from your library.*

Float downstream with four new patch collections from sound designer and artist Brothertiger. Meticulously crafted, these sounds conjure chillwave daydreams with classic Roland synthesizers.

Featuring delicate keys and booming basses, these huge sounds conjure the legendary breadth of the JUPITER-8. 

 Crystalline plucks and rich basses with the classic warmth of the JUNO-106. 

With atmospheric pads and surreal keys, these panoramic sounds embrace the iconic voice of the JX-3P. 

 Surreal leads and warm basses with the vintage tones of the SH-2 monosynth. 

To listen to the music of Brothertiger, you’d be forgiven to think that sole tiger John Jagos grew up in the ‘80s. Like fellow synth-drenched acts Drab Majesty, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi, Toledo-bred, the Brooklyn-based Jagos arrives upon the sound through the filter of time.
Brothertiger Paradise Lost
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Download the Brothertiger Patch Suite Today in Roland Cloud Manager!