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Zenbeats’ ever-growing collection of new sound packs are added weekly to keep you inspired with authentic Roland Cloud sounds on mobile platforms. Check out these fresh new Sound Packs, available in any Roland Cloud membership or as a one-time purchase, in-app. 

Lo-Fi Chop Shop

Keep the vibes chill with Lo-Fi Chop Shop – a loop-oriented sound pack for hip-hop production. Created through the processing of vintage gear via Roland’s SP-404, these sensuous grooves, hypnotic bass lines, and angelic pads are perfect for bedroom alchemists and studio professionals alike. Lo-Fi Chop Shop contains 65 loops and 1 song template.

Organic Matter
Max and relax with Organic Matter—a sleek key-centric Sound Pack crafted for ZC1. Use crackling tape sounds, vibrant basses, and a myriad of unique key sounds to compose unique tracks in any genre. Organic Matter contains 32 ZC1 tones.