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Zenbeats’ ever-growing collection of new sound packs are added weekly to keep you inspired with authentic Roland Cloud sounds on mobile platforms. Check out these fresh new Sound Packs, available in any Roland Cloud membership or as a one-time purchase, in-app. 


Experience techno the Romanian way with the Rominimal Sound Pack from Sample Tools by Cr2. A derivation of tech house, the stripped-down Rominimal style employs echoing atmospherics, active basslines, and mesmerizing melodies to create hypnotic grooves for any occasion. Go global with this premium collection of unique sounds. Rominimal contains 160 audio loops and 1 song template.

Chilled Electronic Drums
Find your equilibrium and create a world of mellow intrigue with Chilled Electronica Drums from expert sound designer Alin Dimitriu. Kick back, relax, and add pointed percussion to your compositions with tight kicks, crisp snares glassy hats, and more. Chilled Electronica Drums contains 10 kits, 25 patterns, and 60 one-shots.