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Purchase a Lifetime Key for Roland’s classic JUNO-106 Software Synthesizer and, for a limited time, get seven free designer patch collections. Regular price: $290. Bundle price: $149. 

An Analog Legend at your Fingertips    

Have you ever wondered about that classic 80s synth sound? The iconic tones of the JUNO-106 are versatile, warm and distinct. Roland engineers carefully crafted the beloved JUNO-106 and now we’ve brought it to life in your DAW. Using our proprietary Analog Circuit Behavior modeling, we’ve recreated the original authenticity of the JUNO-106’s sound, to bring you fat basses, lush pads, searing leads and that famous JUNO chorus.  

Unleash a World of Sound   

Take the JUNO-106 to the next level with seven free patch collections. These sounds are freshly imagined by modern designers, using the classic JUNO-106. 



Journey into digital landscapes and retrofuturism with Synthwave patches like “String 2049” and “Trappist” and imbue your tracks with glimmering sonic horizons. Regular price $19.99


In creating JUNO-106 Synth-Pop, sound designer Espen Kraft utilized the full power and versatility of the JUNO-106. With massive bass articulations, impressionistic pads, and geometric arpeggiations, this patch collection will saturate your compositions with sounds worthy of the New Romantics. Regular price $19.99. 


With JUNO-106 Dark Techno, sound designer Mike Frade takes the classic synth on a trip to the dark side. Inspired by the heart-pounding excitement of Berlin nightclubs, this collection of aggressive leads, lush pads, and dazzling arps will bring chaos and mystery to your music. Regular price $19.99. 


Create tomorrow’s sounds today with JUNO-106 New Tech. Filled with distorted pads, haunting leads, and squelching arps, JUNO-106 New Tech pushes the esteemed tones of the JUNO-106 into forward-looking terrain.  Regular price $19.99. 


Float downstream with the crystalline plucks and rich basses in this powerful patch collection. Meticulously crafted by Brothertiger, these sounds conjure chillwave daydreams with the classic warmth of the JUNO-106. Regular price $19.99. 


Get on the dancefloor with 40 presets including bass, pad, lead, pluck, and effect patches to refine your techno production. Regular price $19.99. 

CHILL 106  

Paint a florescent dawn with this expertly crafted collection by sound designer J. Scott G.  Equal parts transcendent and inimitable, JUNO-106 Chill stretches the hallmark tones of the JUNO-106 to their limits to deliver a treasure chest of chillwave possibilities. Regular price $19.99. 

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