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Elevate your compositions with brand new Sample Packs!

Roland Cloud Sample Packs are premium collections of royalty-free WAV files for sample-based music production. Crafted by top sound designers, each Sample Pack focuses on a specific genre and includes a variety of musical phrase loops, drum loops, and one-shot samples to generate ideas and help you build pro tracks fast.

DAW-ready WAV files for sample-based music creation 

Musical phrase loops, drums loops, and one-shot samples 

Files labeled with tempo and key info as needed for fast workflow  

MIDI files of musical phrase loops

Compatible with Roland hardware that supports sample import  

Included with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships 

 Available with a Lifetime Key purchase 


Premium Samples for Synth Pop Styles by Sound Designer Van Derand 

Perch your tracks on psychedelic skylines and find your glow with the vision of master sound designer Alin Dimitriu. From sparkling pads, contemplative leads, and mysterious arpeggios to punchy bass lines and drums, the samples in this curated collection provide a palette of fresh inspiration for professional chillwave production.  

Dark Techno

Premium samples for dark techno styles by sound designer Stanz. 

Reach into the unknown and create some sonic moonlight with this Pandora’s box of Berlin-influenced techno samples. Sound designer Stanz has conjured creeping bass lines, snarling grooves, and crepuscular synth lines to awaken the smiling darkness of your imagination. 

Synth Pop

Premium Samples for Synth Pop Styles by Sound Designer Van Derand 

Find out what sweet dreams are made of with this rich sample collection from synth wizard Van Derand. Get with the transatlantic sound of the New Romantics and add some ’80s nostalgia to your compositions with smooth basses, classic pads, bombastic drums, and more. 

Sample packs contain ​24-bit/44.1 kHz and 16-bit/44.1 kHz audio resolutions and are 100% royalty-free with membership or purchase. Sample content cannot be shared or repackaged 

Download our new Sample Pack today—available with Roland Cloud Ultimate and Pro memberships or a Lifetime Key purchase.