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New Beat Maker Sample Pack
Roland Cloud’s Beat Maker Sample Packs are premium collections of royalty-free WAV files for sample-based music production, curated for discerning beat makers and hip-hop producers. Crafted by legendary session musicians and designers, Beat Maker Sample Packs come in three categories. Choose from Drum Packs filled with hard-knocking one-shots and loops, Instrument Packs focusing on a specific instrument type, and Production Packs with a range of sounds ready for complete song construction.
  • 64 DAW-ready WAV files for sample-based music creation
  • Includes musical phrase loops and one-shot samples
  • Files labeled with tempo and key info as needed for fast workflow
  • Compatible with Roland hardware that supports sample import
  • Available at no charge for Roland Account holders in Roland Cloud Manager

Sample packs contain ​24-bit/48 kHz and 16-bit/48 kHz audio resolutions and are 100% royalty-free. Sample content cannot be shared or repackaged. 

404 Day Beat Maker Sample Pack Vol. 1


Celebrate 404 Day all year long with this special international collection representing four distinct corners of the beat-making world. Start in Japan with the lo-fi grooves and buzzing synths of Phennel Koliander, then travel to Detroit and take in the heady rhythms and introspective tones of Meftah. Next, hop to Germany and color your tracks with gorgeous guitar lines and textures from Australian expat Nonjuror. Finally, head to Brazil and soothe your soul with breathtaking electric pianos, head-bobbing rhythms, and angelic synth lines crafted by Tiago Frúgoli. 

Comes ready to load into the SP-404MKII as a project with samples and patterns arranged in banks. Or use the WAV samples in this collection with other hardware samplers and your favorite music production software.  

Download our new Beat Maker Sample Pack today—available at no charge for Roland Account holders in Roland Cloud Manager.