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In addition to the recent VST3 plug-in support, GALAXIAS can now run as a native AU plug-in in macOS. Numerous improvements have been made to speed and performance, including faster Scene loading and the option to run GALAXIAS in a lean, mean, CPU-optimized mode. For even more expressive playability, the macro controls in GALAXIAS have seen significant improvements including better LFO beat syncing, extended rates, and delay offset control. We hope you enjoy these and other enhancements to GALAXIAS.  
1.1.1 Release Notes 

  • New Feature: AUv2 plug-in support for macOS is here! 

  • New Content: JUPITER-8: Cinematic Ambient 

  • New Content: SDZ137 Modern Country 

  • Improvement: New global "Optimize Instruments for Lower CPU Usage" mode added to settings 

  • Improvement: MIDI Linking: Limiter gain and output sliders are now linkable 

  • Improvement: Improvement to Macro Control LFO beat syncing 

  • Improvement: Extended Macro Control LFO beat-sync rate to last up to eight bars 

  • Improvement: Added new Delay offset slider for Macro Control LFO setting 

  • Improvement: Added new power button for enabling and disabling Macro Control LFO 

  • Improvement: Improved instrument plugin resize behavior 

  • Improvement: Plug-in FX In, Mix, and Out knobs are linkable to Macro Controls and MIDI CCs 

  • Improvement: Scene Browser now displays total number of Scenes based on filter options 

  • Improvement: Added control for toggling multi-core processing for better compatibility with certain DAWs 

  • Improvement: Improved Scene load time performance 

  • Improvement: Improved UI resize behavior to allow for smaller window sizing 

  • Bug Fix: Fixed incorrect MIDI CC numbers displayed in the Macro Control Knob Editor 

  • Bug Fix: GALAXIAS now correctly updates Scene BPM when changing Scenes via program change messages 

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with notification icon not appearing at startup 

  • Bug Fix: No longer displaying incorrect recording latency in the Settings/Audio tab 

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue in Key Range editor where black keys would not illuminate when played 

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a potential crash issue when changing Scenes