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At Roland Cloud, we continually improve our systems and software to make things easier for our users. GALAXIAS 1.0.5 offers new content and performance updates. You can update directly within GALAXIAS via the notification bell. These kinds of GALAXIAS core updates are only between 12-35 MB, depending on platform, and don't require an entirely new download within RCM. Please see the release notes below for specifics on this update.
Thank you for being a part of the Roland Cloud family. We value every customer and will keep bringing you the tools you need to make music. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to 
contact customer service here.

Release Notes:
  • New Content: DJ Pierre's PHUTURE Scene Pack
  • New Content: ZEZ010 Discotheque Noir
  • New Content: TB-303 A Guy Called Gerald
  • Improvement: Notifications now inform you of new content releases.
  • Improvement: Scene browser now displays Scene Pack artwork in place of folders (if available).
  • Improvement: Scene and Plugin loading dialog windows now show thumbnails of plugins being loaded.
  • Improvement: Tags on scenes and presets can no longer be accidentally deleted.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where the arpeggiator plugin would not open when selecting the Sequence tab.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Layer Controls could become offset visually