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DW Soundworks puts the most authentic drum sounds in the hands of beat creators everywhere. This revolutionary software is a virtual instrument that equips drummers, multi-instrumentalists, and producers with a sonic canvas to find just the right drum sound. This platform offers an expandable library of samples and effects with countless controls to produce a drum sound to your exact tastes. Soundworks offers a deep range of processing controls and effects to replicate a drum sound as captured in a specific microphone, room or ambience, and dynamic.

This DW Soundworks Software Expansion Pack, DW MFG True-Cast' Snare Drum, features the sounds of the DW True-Cast' snare drum. Developed with artist and collector, Dave Elitch, and DW's R&D team, the True-Cast snare was built with a sand cast, contoured, and machined Bell Bronze shell. This beefy drum delivers a fat attack, low-end punch, and dark, earthy tonality, which are ideal for aggressive rock and heavy metal.

Crafted From Authentic Drum DNA
Access the most realistic drum samples and sounds, crafted with the same quality standards and exacting specifications that have made DW Drums The Drummer’s Choice.

Built For Customization
Powerful customization of every facet of your drum tuning enables you to craft your sound and make it your own.

Versatility By Design
Designed to be used in the studio or live on stage, DW Soundworks delivers the most powerful electronic drum operating system available today.
Purchase the DW Soundworks True-Cast Expansion Pack today. Available in Roland Cloud Manager