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Built on our more than 45 years of experience, Roland Cloud brings world-class software syntheizers and solutions right to your desktop.  The journey from sign-up to your first recorded Roland synth track is both simple AND quick!

The catalog of soft synths is always expanding.
Here is what you'll find on Roland Cloud today:

LEGENDARY Series: Perfect recreations of legendary Roland hardware synths (now including the JUPITER-8 and JUNO-106!)
AIRA Series: Inspired by the Past, Built for the Future. Amazing sounding Roland ACB synths with a familiar workflow
TERA Series: The most expressive acoustic sounds imaginable, soon to become a gateway to the power of cloud computing
FLAVR Series: Bite-sized, high-resolution soft synths perfect for targetting specific genres and tastes
ANTHOLOGY Series: Ultra-high resolution “Roland Remastered” virtual instruments that are simple to use and incredibly CPU-friendly