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Since the mid-'80s, DJ Pierre has brought the sounds of the future to dance floors around the globe. His inimitable style and sense of groove pushed acid house and related genres into worldwide cultural movements. Now, DJ Pierre brings you a custom collection of GALAXIAS Scenes, providing a powerhouse sonic palette to inspire your own musical explorations.

Shaping the future
Along with Earl “Spanky” Smith Jr. and Herbert “Herb J” Jackson, DJ Pierre formed the groundbreaking group Phuture in 1986. After they picked up a secondhand Roland TB-303, DJ Pierre’s inspired knob-twisting invented an unmistakable TB bass sound that would impact music forever. Now a quintessential dance music producer with decades of cutting-edge house productions to his credit, the master shows no signs of slowing down.

DJ Pierre’s sonic palette.
Employing the TB-303, TR-707, TR-727, and TR-909 software instruments, this collection delivers DJ Pierre’s unique sound in a pack of 32 GALAXIAS Scenes primed to ignite your creative spark. From raging acid house setups to twisting, turning layers of sound, this Scene Pack will imbue your music with DJ Pierre’s trademark squelch and groove.

Master-crafted inspiration.
Each Scene in this collection features complementary patterns and phrases that lock together perfectly. Macro controls provide targeted command of vital parameters, letting you instantly shape the sounds to suit your musical vision. Adjust synth and drum machine settings, effects, and more with parameters that have been carefully curated for your knob-twisting pleasure.

Try GALAXIAS today.
GALAXIAS is available exclusively with Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, which you can try for free with a 30-day all-access trial. Download Roland Cloud Manager today!