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With "Beyond Fantasia," Roland Cloud offers 128 new patches for the Roland D-50. Brutal saw waves, luscious pads, dynamic choirs, percussive plucks—these sounds are the perfect addition to the D-50's already diverse presets.

The collection's title is a nod to the opening setting that greeted users upon powering up the original Roland D-50. Get nostalgic and use these new patches in homage to the late '80s, or push boundaries and take these fresh D-50 sounds into the future.


Working with veteran sound designers Carma Studio and Symplesound, the "Beyond Fantasia" patch collection showcases the extensive versatility of the D-50. Their goal was to cement the D-50's status as a gold standard digital synthesizer, while highlighting its contemporary relevance and powerful programmability.   

While the original factory presets maintain their iconic influence, there is more to the D-50 than a classic patch like “DigitalNativeDance.” It's a unique instrument, with textures and sonic characteristics that are truly timeless. These sounds will provide users with a sense of familiarity while re-discovering this amazing synthesizer. 

-Carma Studio and Symplesound