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Staying on top of the ever-evolving landscape that is modern electronic music creation is no small feat for any producer, musician, or DJ. We're tackling this one FLAVR instrument at a time by adding new instruments to the FLAVR series line-up regularly that represent today’s most popular genres and subgenres.  Since the term “popular” is a subjective one, especially when used in conjunction with the term “Electronic Music,” we simplify our definition by basing it on one requirement:  What you've told us you want. In other words, Roland Cloud has received a litany of requests from you, and this release promises to cross two of them off the list, with many more to come. 
For the Roland Cloud 4.6 November Update, we’ve drawn inspiration from 2 distinct and very different electronic music subgenres:  Complextro and Future Retro.  Whether it's complex leads and heavy bass, or whether it's a modern take on a timeless sound that inspire you, we're very pleased to offer some fuel for your creative fire. 

Don't let the fact that all FLAVR instruments are inspired by a distinct genre or subgenre mislead you, they sound great together.  We encourage your creativity to inspire new genres!


Juice up your tracks

Inspired by the Complextro sub-genre of Electro House (or Electro) music, Electrode is a proud addition to the FLAVR Series of virtual instruments.  Roland Cloud has once again joined forces with a very prominent artist in the space, James Egbert, to bring you 47 all-new and shockingly brilliant patches.


Retrowave at its finest
Its time for a midnight drive with your car's top down to the video arcade through neon-lit streets.  Whether you call the delightful sub-genre of electronic music that inspired Midnight "Synthwave," "Retrowave," "Retrofuture," or "Outrun," your future will definitely be brighter once you start creating with Midnight.  The second instrument addition to our genre-based FLAVR Series offers instant access to creating your own addition to the future.

Do You...

...Want to see your favorite musical genre represented as a FLAVR Series instrument?

Sign up for a free trial or join our Core Membership Program now, let us know what you want via our contact page, and we'll take it from there.