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As part of Roland Cloud's ongoing promise to bring high quality instruments and music creation tools at regular intervals to our members, we're delighted to bring you our latest update, "Studio Legends."  In this addition to our ever-expanding catalog of instruments and solutions, we're taking you back in time and moving you into the future, all from the familiarity of your favorite DAW and Desktop.  

Our latest addition to the LEGENDARY series of software synthesizers should come as no surprise to music aficionados, the Roland Sound Canvas VA.  This update also brings a first to Roland Cloud: the initial offering in a long line of software solutions that will become a legend in its own right, R-MIX.  To fully understand the magnitude of this update, we'll need to embark on a little bit of time travel.

Let's head back to the early '90s.  Chances are that if we walk into a professional studio, home studio or even the lair of a hardcore gamer, we'll see a Roland Sound Canvas turning what would be bland and uninspired general midi sounds into luxurious, ear pleasing music.   Since we're in a studio, wouldn't it be nice to take one of the tracks created back then and remove the flutters and pops so that we can enjoy it now?  For this we'll need to hop forward to today.  

Introducing R-MIX!  With R-MIX, we now have unprecedented access to a plethora of tools crucial to anyone who wants absolute control over their tracks and mixes.  

Let's dive a bit deeper into why the past and present legends of your studio make this one of the most exciting Roland Cloud releases to date:

Roland Sound Canvas VA

First introduced in 1991, the Roland Sound Canvas series has long been the de-facto standard in GS sound modules. With the Sound Canvas VA, you can now use this classic sound source with your DAW music productions as a VSTi or AU plug-ins. It comes with over 1,600 high-quality sounds, plus 64 different insert effects, global effects like reverb and EQ, and extensive sound editing capabilities. Also included are sound maps to perfectly play MIDI music files created on the SC-88 Pro and other hardware Sound Canvas sound modules. Combining classic sounds with current technology, the Sound Canvas VA is the modern evolution of a long-running benchmark.


Welcome to an exciting new era of “visual” audio manipulation. R-MIX software — powered by Roland’s newly developed V-Remastering technology in conjunction with VariPhrase — lets you see the components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter as the song plays! Select your desired components of the mix, and freely edit them — an impossible task in the past. You can change panning positions and levels to individual instruments within a stereo mix, for example, and add effects to each element as desired. You can even independently adjust the pitch and speed of the playback, realized with VariPhrase. How does this power translate to you? You can use R-MIX to easily create “minus-one” type karaoke files from existing songs by lowering the level of a pre-recorded vocal or any other instrument you select within each mix. You can also create your own remixes and mash-ups by using two pairs of stereo tracks within R-MIX. As a skill-building tool, R-MIX can be used to isolate any desired instrument within a mix, and then solo and slow down that element for study; isolate a fast guitar solo, for example, and slow it down to learn it. R-MIX can be used to clean up old recordings and master stereo mixes by adjusting individual instrument levels and applying noise reduction and effects, and all with ease and at a high level of sound quality.

As always, these and many other virtual instruments are available to our subscribers!  

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