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Presenting the
Rob Acid TB-303 Collection

"Evolution done the right way.
This is what I was wishing for the whole time.”
Available within Roland Cloud Manager
“I made these 303 patterns rolling the way I love it for my own tracks. Just throw them into your track to get the Rob Acid flavor.”

Patches and Patterns

Explore Roland Cloud's collection for more sounds including Synthwave, our D-50 exploration "Beyond Fantasia," the techno collection, and more to come.

Patches will automatically appear as new updates in Roland Cloud Manager. To load patches manually, open Roland Cloud Manager, click “Patches” under the PRESET category, and download the ones you choose. These files will be directly loaded into the instrument. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you have loaded the selected instrument at least once into your DAW before installing additional patches.

Available within Roland Cloud Manager