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For over 25 years, Josh Wink has pushed the boundaries of electronic dance music and influenced a generation of DJs and producers. With this curated collection of GALAXIAS Scenes, you can bring the distinct flavor of Wink’s pioneering work to your own productions.
Josh Wink's Acid

A higher state of sound.
Born and raised in Philadelphia, Josh Wink has been an undisputed pioneer of techno, house, and other electronic music styles for over 25 years. As a DJ, producer, and label owner, he has influenced a generation of musicians and music lovers alike. Wink’s lauded remix work includes seminal artists such as Radiohead, Moby, Sting, Depeche Mode, Radioslave, Dave Clarke, and more.

Josh Wink's sonic palette.
The music of Josh Wink bends genres and spans styles for a sound that is always fresh, pushing electronic music into new and experimental territories. Employing the TB-303, TR-606, and TR-909 software instruments, this collection delivers Josh Wink’s unique sound in 32 artist-crafted GALAXIAS Scenes primed to take your music to new heights.

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