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Our number one requested feature is here! Unlock three types of Sidechain effects, as well as a host of performance updates and feature enhancements.

Introducing Sidechain!
  • Zenbeats SC-Pump – A turn-on-and-go style FX plug-in with easy sidechain presets for instant results.  
  • Zenbeats SC-Comp – Our new mainstay compressor is a dynamic beast with built-in sidechain.  
  • Zenbeats SC-Envelope – Full ADSR envelope for shaping volume and filters for maximum sound manipulation. 
  • 3rd party plug-in support – Don’t worry! We didn’t forget to include support for sidechaining with your favorite 3rd party plug-ins. 


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  • Instant access to all Zenbeats features across all platforms and devices  

  • All V1-V3 in-app loop and preset packs included  

  • Over 14,000 (8GB+) sounds 


Download Zenbeats 3.1 Today

3.1.0 Release Notes

New: Sidechain routing support 

New: Zenbeats SC-Comp - Sidechain compressor effect 

New: Zenbeats SC-Pump - Sidechain volume shaper 

New: Zenbeats SC-Envelope - Sidechain envelope filter 

New: MV-1 System Program Ver. 1.80 support (3 new MFX plugins) 

Improvement: Enhanced AUv3 plugin compatibility 

Improvement: Better Mixer View on phones (hides mini-timeline view if there isn't enough space) 

Improvement: New Lessons page gives access to the latest in-app lessons, YouTube videos, Roland Cloud Academy classes, and more 

Improvement: Always display plugin GUI when initializing 

Improvement: Better Timeline and Editor fade behavior 

Bug Fix: ZR1 MIDI editing GUI refinements 

Bug Fix: Fixed mixer view header alignment  

Bug Fix: When duplicating or pasting an instrument track, makes sure the correct pack data is selected 


Thanks for being a part of the Roland Cloud community. We value your feedback, and we’ll keep on bringing you the tools you need to create songs. If you have any Zenbeats questions, check out our support page or reach out to Customer Service.