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Introduced in 1974, the RE-201 Space Echo is one of the most famous and iconic effect processors ever created. It used analog tape to create its distinctive multi-head delay effect and has been a staple of performers, producers, and mix engineers for the past fifty years. Lovingly crafted by the makers of the original Space Echo, you can now have the genuine character of this ultra-versatile and transformative effect in your DAW.
  • The only authentic Roland RE-201 Space Echo plug-in
  • Iconic tape delay and echo sounds with multiple head combinations and spring reverb
  • Resizable, high-resolution interface brings the feel of using the original hardware
  • Highly detailed and historically accurate graphics with pristine and aged appearances
  • Explore over 50 expertly crafted presets
  • Perfect for all kinds of sources, including keyboards, guitars, drums, vocals, and more
  • Extended parameters for new sounds and modern production techniques
  • Six tape-speed LFO shapes with tempo sync plus rate and depth controls
  • Adjust the physical condition of the unit, tape wow and flutter, and motor torque
  • Support for VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in formats

An authentic Roland original—now in your DAW.
The RE-201 is a complex hardware effect, from the preamp design to the unique multi-head tape mechanism and integrated spring reverb. Using the latest modeling technologies and exhaustive analysis of several vintage RE-201s—including a pristine original unit from the Roland factory archive—the RE-201 Space Echo plug-in brings the authentic Space Echo experience to life like no other plug-in can.

Every element and interaction must be faithfully replicated to accurately convey its unique analog vibe. As the makers of the original, we’ve leveraged decades of research to deliver a complete recreation straight to your studio. Our engineers have fully reproduced everything contributing to the RE-201’s immortal character, including the tape path, record/playback mechanism, motor variations, preamp coloration, tape age, and more.

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