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Now you can use GALAXIAS as an instrument in your DAW. GALAXIAS v1.1 features VST3 support on macOS and Windows, giving you unprecedented creative power for your own productions. Explore over 22,000 sounds, combine dozens of instruments and effects, and use multiple instances of GALAXIAS in the same project. Get it now! AU plug-in support is in the works and will be released soon. But that’s not all. GALAXIAS v1.1 also features a new artist-crafted Scene Pack. 

Josh Wink’s Acid Scene Pack 

Wrap up 303 Month with fresh new GALAXIAS Scenes from legendary DJ and producer Josh Wink. These 32 expertly crafted Scenes use TB-303s, TR-909s, and TR-606s to create acid-inspired grooves and soundscapes. Pro Tip: Explore the macro controls to take these Scenes to new heights. Download GALAXIAS in Roland Cloud Manager today, free with Ultimate Membership.

1.1.0 Release Notes

  • New Feature VST3 plug-in support is now available on macOS and Windows.
  • New Feature Offline Support: When loading GALAXIAS without an internet connection, you will still have access to previously downloaded content.
  • Improvement: Better display handling of Scenes and Preset tags.
  • Improvement: Startup time optimizations.
  • Improvement: Faster delivery of GALAXIAS content updates.
  • Improvement: Additional GUI updates, including higher contrast Key Split editor and a white color option for Macro Controls.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with incorrect notes sticking when using QWERTY MIDI input.