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Roland Cloud now includes a new collection of techno patches and presets for the TB-303, JUNO-106, JUPITER-8, SH-101, TR-909, and TR-808 designed by Francis Preve (Symplesound) and Jim Stout (Carma Studio). The 303, 808, and 909 each offer 32 kits and patterns—with eight variations per pattern—that faithfully recapture the sound of vintage acid house production, as well as modern melodic techno grooves. The JUNO-106, SH-101, and JUPITER-8 banks consist of 40 presets for each instrument—including bass, pad, lead, pluck, and effect patches—all optimized for techno production. In addition to acid-flavored bass and leads, there are ambient pads, melodic percussion, and even a spot-on JUPITER-8 recreation of the legendary "Hoover" sound that dominated countless rave anthems.

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Founded in 2016 by renowned synthesizer expert, Francis Preve, Symplesound’s initial releases focus on Ableton Live products that combine flexibility, affordability, and ease-of-use. Building on multiple critically-acclaimed Live products, Symplesound has since expanded into preset design for a wide range of synthesizer and sampler products. For more information, visit

Launched in 2018, Carma Studio is the brainchild of Sound Designer and sample library innovator, Jim Stout, whose work with Roland, Hollywood Edge, and Beatport Sounds helped build the careers of countless sound design startups. Carma Studio’s array of products range from synthesizer presets to loops and sound effects, they can be found on Beatport Sounds, Soundtrack Loops,, and directly through the Carma Studio website. For more information, visit



A-1 BS Deepbass     
A-2 BS Feelit Bass  
A-3 BS Flange 16th  
A-4 BS Teknoekko    
A-5 BS Sharpwide    
A-6 BS Club Growl   
A-7 BS Pulsation    
A-8 BS Bassbounce   
B-1 PD Just A Pad   
B-2 PD Frenchstring 
B-3 PD Waverider    
B-4 PD Jetstring    
B-5 PD Ambisine     
B-6 PD Squarial     
B-7 PD Voicechoir   
B-8 PD Feelit Pad   
C-1 LD Dialtone     
C-2 LD Gnarlish     
C-3 LD Frenchbrass  
C-4 LD Underwater   
C-5 LD Rezosweeper  
C-6 LD Thinbrass    
C-7 LD Poly 303     
C-8 LD Throbber     
D-1 PL Classic Pluck
D-2 PL Tribal Repeat
D-3 PL OG Pluck     
D-4 PL Sparkler     
D-5 PL Conga Pattern
D-6 PL Anabelle     
D-7 PL Mullette     
D-8 PL Sonarping    
E-1 FX Helicopter   
E-2 FX Bi-Plane     
E-3 FX Air Raid     
E-4 DR 4 on Floor   
E-5 DR Hard 4/4     
E-6 DR Analog Tom   
E-7 DR Phased Hats  
E-8 DR Retro Cymbal 
F-1 PL Classic 2Pluc