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Play 2–4 Life​ Holiday Promotion
Special One Year Subscription: $199*
Purchase a one-year subscription to Roland Cloud and if you do not renew your paid subscription to the full catalog, you can choose two instruments* to keep using for as long as they are available in Roland Cloud. From the TR-808 to the Jupiter-8 or Juno-106 and many others—the choice is yours and you have a year to decide!
*If you do not renew your Roland Cloud subscription, you may choose two instruments that will remain available to you. This includes all updates and upgrades for these instruments for as long as they remain active in Roland Cloud.
*Regional currency exchange and VAT inclusions applied where necessary.
Details & Disclaimers
This is a limited time offer (ends December 31st, 2018) for an annual subscription. It requires twelve months of paid continuous use or an annual paid subscription.
This is NOT a permanent license to a title currently available in Roland Cloud’s catalog. This is continuous play access to selected instruments. All policies, mechanisms, updates, login, and maintenance requirements stay in effect. Roland Cloud reserves the right to review its catalog selections at any time and does not guarantee your selected titles will remain active in perpetuity.

Promotion Terms & Conditions 

  • For your selected entitlement use rights, you must maintain an active membership even if you do not renew your Roland Cloud subscription. ​
  • By maintaining membership, you have access to all updates and enhancements for your selected entitlements.
  • By maintaining your membership, you gain access to all value-added materials, such as tutorials, events, special offers, and all Team Roland Cloud content.
  • You will maintain access to the selected entitlements only for as long as Roland Cloud continues to offer and support that entitlement.
  • Roland Cloud reserves the right to periodically assess its catalog selections.
  • Your selected entitlement use rights are not transferable, descendible, or inheritable.
  • Condition: This offer requires payment for twelve months of subscription, without a free trial period.
  • Payment for this offer must be processed for the entitlements to be activated.
  • Refunds: If the subscriber cancels within 14 days, they will receive a full refund and access to the selected entitlements will be revoked. 
  • By participating in this promotion you agree to all Roland Cloud’s Legal Policies including: 2018 Holiday Promotion Policy, Privacy Policy, End User License Agreement and Terms of Use